Sensual Health

In 2017 I Lost My Orgasm

Believe it!  Ms Orgasmik actually lost her orgasmic fire last year!  Yes, the Creatrix of Orgasmik Intelligence™ came (pun not...

What is Vaginal (Yoni) Breathing?

AJKA's (Afrakan Jade Kawaida’s) Vaginal Breathing is an orgasmic technique for women, which helps to open the pelvic area to...

Benefits of a Yoni Massage

It's just as important to give yourself or have someone give you a yoni massage, as it is to have...

Tips For Choosing a Yoni Egg Supplier

Many women all over the world, for many centuries, have sought the wonders of the yoni/goddess egg for health, vitality,...

How Vaginal/Yoni Eggs Are Used In AJKA

The Afrakan Jade Kawaida (AJKA) is an orgasmic healing and empowerment system for women and couples.  One of the tools used to...

Why Settle for Orgasms When You Can Have Allgasms™ All the Time?

Whenever you hear or see the word “orgasm”, what are your first thoughts? Most likely that pulsating sensation of your...

Steps to Increasing Your Orgasmik Intelligence Level (OIL)

In 2005 a study funded by The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) found a positive correlation between the reported...

What is Orgasmik Intelligence (OI)

Orgasmik Intelligence (OI) is an individual’s response to their innate orgasmic state/potential. Our OI is determined by how we use...

Preparation of Yoni Eggs Before Initial Use

Customers who have purchased (and those who intend to purchase) yoni eggs from Waves of Bliss, please ensure that the...

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August 29 - August 30
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