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KAtrina M. Ifill, BA (Hons) – Women’s Pelvic Health Coach

+1 (246) 546-4276||http://www.orgasmikintelligence.com/wob/

KAtrina loves fiercely and unconditionally – starting with herself first. This guiding principle is what led her to her calling as a Sensual Empowerment Coach.

KAtrina has been living orgasmically for practically her entire life.  However, it was in 2010 that she became more focused and dedicated to developing this art. This daily practice has brought her from the depth of an abusive relationship to transform her into the more vibrant, sensual, blissful, self-aware and orgasmik goddess that she is today.

Being a firsthand witness to this metamorphosis, KAtrina was inspired to enhance her skills and knowledge by furthering her studies and training, and to share this journey and its teachings to all women. Hence, there being the birth of Waves of Bliss, The Afrakan Jade Kawaida (AJKA) and Orgasmik Intelligence.

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