Steps to Increasing Your Orgasmik Intelligence Level (OIL)

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OIL guageIn 2005 a study funded by The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) found a positive correlation between the reported intensity of study subjects’ orgasms and their IQ. The preliminary conclusion – orgasm intensity is linked to higher intelligence.

That is NOT Orgasmik Intelligence…and it’s definitely NOT what I’m postulating!

We all inherently possess orgasmic (life force) energy, from the time we were conceived – as we were all conceived as a result of orgasm. As you grow, you either nurture this energy or you allow it to lie dormant. Nurturing and cultivating this orgasmic energy helps to enhance our Orgasmik Intelligence (an individual’s response to their innate orgasmic energy/state/potential) which directly increases our Orgasmik Intelligence Level (OIL) to transform our lives.

If you know your OIL, that makes a better starting point for moving forward. However, if you don’t know your OIL, that’s okay too. Whether your OIL is high, low or dormant, these simple steps can help increase your level for bliss, balance and prosperity.

1. Accept and be at peace with where you’re presently at – whether your OIL is high, low or dormant. Embracing the present opens the way for moving forward.

2. Don’t waste your orgasmic energy. During sexually-induced (with partner or self) orgasms, we often allow this highly-charged energy to leave our bodies and dissipate into thin air; causing this precious treasure to be wasted. Instead, when your orgasm peaks and starts to subside (when you’re able to function again ) visualize your orgasm moving through your entire body – to the tips of your toes and fingers and your head. Feel it resonating like a wave.

3. Every time you feel an overwhelming, euphoric sensation stimulated by any of your senses – for any reason – pause and fully enjoy the feeling. Let that feeling engulf you…penetrate you and resonate through you. This means that you’ll have to stop whatever you’re doing and just BE in the moment.

4. Anytime you feel sexually aroused, DO NOT suppress the feeling. This habit which some of us possess to suppress any feelings of sexual arousal actually decreases our OIL. Because you feel sexually aroused doesn’t automatically mean that you must have sex or even perform solo cultivation (masturbation). Instead of suppressing the feeling, stop whatever you’re doing and enjoy the sensations you’re experiencing. If your genitals are pulsating and have become engorged, visualize the energy spreading from your genitals throughout your entire body – until the feeling subsides (some may even experience a full body orgasm, without touching any part of the body).

5. Smile and laugh often. Be aware of and enjoy the sensations you feel when you laugh and smile. I actually read somewhere that “laughing is when a smile has an orgasm” – I love that!

6. Make Orgasmic Manifestation/Visualization routine in your sexual encounters. This technique involves the visualization of one’s goal(s) and/or desire(s) before orgasm (can be done from the early stages of arousal) and then speaking out loud the same goal(s) and desire(s) at the point when the orgasm starts to subside. This is normally done with sexually-induced orgasm. But feel free to incorporate it with any orgasmic moment.

7. Orgasmic Projection – during an orgasmic moment, visualize your orgasmic energy – that blissful feeling – projecting out to others, the world and the universe. This is not dissipation of the energy, but deliberate widening of the energy.

8. Heal yourself by channeling the orgasmic energy to specific places in your body which may need healing. Visualize the area being cocooned in the radiant energy, penetrating to the core of the discomfort, dis-ease or ailment.

9. Meditation – which starts simply with finding quiet time for yourself, to escape from the busyness of the day. Start by finding a quiet place. Then close your eyes and clear your mind. You’ll find the more you do this (once a day to start) the better you’ll get at clearing your mind and meditating for longer periods – for better results.

10. Count your orgasmic moments – actually count how many orgasmic moments you experience throughout your day.

By now you would have realized that these 10 steps require some degree of slowing-down and/or stillness – which go against the grain of present mentality of our society. This is very important for increasing your OIL.

These few steps can get you well on your way to increasing your OIL – and I have more steps to share. So, get started with these so you’ll be ready to go to the next level when I share more steps.

Feel free to share your comments in the section below, and visit to find out more about the Afrakan Jade Kawaida (AJKA) and products to help increase your OIL.

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KAtrina Ifill

Sensual Empowerment Leader & Massage Therapist at Waves of Bliss, Creatrix at Orgasmik Intelligence, Communications Specialist & Digital Marketing Consultant at Ka Kommunications.


  1. Alicia Monet on 2015-03-01 at 5:02 pm

    This is right in time for me!!! This list is my new homework. Thank you kindly. Once I make these practices habits I will request the rest of the list.
    You have no idea how much you just blessed me!!!!

    • wavesofbliss on 2017-04-19 at 3:09 am

      Thank you Alicia! I don’t know how I missed your comment! But I’m really happy to hear your joy!

  2. SG on 2017-06-17 at 2:28 pm

    Hello, for years I didn’t know what this burst of energy was that I felt in my womb. I dated a guy in my 20s who said, “you’re having mental orgasms. So that’s what I’ve been calling them ever since. As you mentioned I could feel the energy move through my body and explode. Sometimes even in waves. The closest thing I’ve come to swing anything like or that speaks on this was sex classes or tantra. You’re the first black woman who I’ve found that has spoke on the orgasmik feelings I get to exact detail! Thank you so much for sharing the list!

    • wavesofbliss on 2017-10-30 at 10:16 pm

      Greetings SG. Apologies for the delayed response. I’m happy to hear that the information resonates with you. Keep raising your Orgasmik Intelligence Level (OIL)

  3. SG on 2017-06-17 at 2:30 pm

    Typo* I’ve come to seeing anything…*

  4. […] My health was deteriorating, my kundalini – my orgasmic life force – was dangerously low.  My Orgasmik Intelligence Level (OIL) reading was at an all-time […]

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