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We are best in

providing a blissful space for all your womb wellness and relaxation needs on your healing and self empowerment journey.  The experience with us is, indeed, fulfilling.


Yoni Massage $250 per hour

This specialized massage helps to alleviate tension and trigger points along the vaginal canal. Unknown trigger points will also be identified during the massage. Rejuvenate the vulva and vagina for increased sensitivity, lubrication and orgasmic potential.


Vaginal/Yoni Steam Therapy $120 per hour

Yoni steaming is a treatment where the herbs are placed in hot water.  This causes their medicinal properties, including volatile oils, to be released in the steam and rise into the vagina, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream and, ultimately, into the uterus.  Your appointment includes a special womb massage.  It's both therapeutic and relaxing.


Pelvic Evaluation Consult $125 per hour

A thorough external (or internal, if necessary) evaluation of pelvic area to determine the condition of the pelvic floor muscles and bone structure alignment. Based on the findings, specific exercises will be prescribed and client placed on a treatment schedule.


Womb Wellness Massage $100 per half hour

Upcoming Events

The workshops include the Glowing Goddess Playshop, Orgasmik Intelligence International Playshop, customized workshops and mini workshops.

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