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I Stopped Using Yoni Eggs…

Our Creatrix shares a personal experiment when she stopped using yoni eggs for 6 months Get your gemologist certified yoni...

Danger of Using Large Yoni Eggs

Our Creatrix advises against the use of large #yonieggs for first time users as she's seeing too many clients (who...

Honoring your sacred space with yoni eggs

Whether it's #benwa balls, #spheres, #wands, #dildos or #yonieggs; they are foreign objects to womb spaces and should never be...

Yoni Breathing Instructor Certification course promo

Fall classes start on October 7, 2018. Register at today!

Yoni Power Hour 6-Week Programme

Go to for more details and to register for the class of your choice!

BLACK Ltd Radio Interview on “Healing Through Divine Sexuality” with host Krystal Tantric Yogi

Our Creatrix, Katrina Ifill's recorded interview on Monday, July 16, 2018 on BLACK Ltd Radio

Are You Doing Killer Kegels????

Are you doing KILLER KEGELS??? Or are you doing KIND KEGELS? If you’ve ever received instructions from some random video,...

Yoni Breathing Instructor Certification 6-Week Course

The Summer edition of the Yoni Breathing Instructor Certification 6-Week Course starts on July 1, 2018. Sign up at

Tea Time With Greg

This is, by far, our Creatrix's most enjoyable interview, to date! Go to to find out more about Orgasmik...

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Yoni Power Hour 6-Week Programme

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Yoni Breathing Instructor Certification ( Feb 2019)

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Glowing Goddess Playshop

March 17 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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